Welcome to Electro-Thermal, your source for energy saving technology for California commercial and industrial facilities. We provide customized energy services to meet your individual business needs.

Who We Are:

We are licensed engineering contractors (603892), certified energy management firm (15066) and a veteran owned business with a primary emphasis in commercial solar (PV, solar thermal), cogeneration, energy management and energy consulting. Our mission is to save you money by implementing the most effective cost cutting strategies to reduce your facility's energy bills.

How we help you reduce your energy cost in an environmentally friendly way:

We can help you receive significant rebates, tax credits and financing that allows your company to lower its day to day energy costs by creating a customized strategic plan specific to your facility.

You can produce cheap energy at your site to displace energy from your utility, utilizing either cogeneration, solar electric (photovoltaic solar(PV) or thermal solar (solar hot water heating).

You can implement energy conservation technology to decrease your energy use without interfering in your day-today operations

Our systems save and create energy at apartment houses, hotels, food processors, food packaging manufacturers, plating companies and many more

Earthquake Retrofit Ordinance

This is a mandatory law from the City of Los Angeles (ordinance 183893) requiring apartment buildings, that have a potential to collapse during an earthquake to be strengthened by adding additional reinforcement to their structure .Apartments with four or more units, having a soft-story(tuck-under parking, retail space with large windows or open floor spaces), built prior to 1978, are included in the list of apartments needing retrofit. An apartment owner has two years after receipt of a notice from the city (the Order to comply) of the earthquake requirement to submit and 3.5 years receive approval for engineering to meet LA’s earthquake retrofit requirements;the owner has 7 years to years to implement the engineering or to demolish the building.