About Us:

 Our mission is to save you money by implementing the most effective cost cutting strategies to reduce your facility's energy bills.

We provide consulting services for commercial companies. We customize our energy analysis to each client in order to come up with economical and energy savings solutions.

We provide turnkey , energy saving solutions by first creating a customized view of your facility’s energy use profile . We look at how much and when your facility uses energy, how it is used, and what it presently costs.


Our expertise in energy saving technologies extends into multiple technologies. Some of the  tools in our toolbox include creating  micro-grids utilizing combined heat and power (CHP- cogeneration) and/or energy storage via batteries and/or photo voltaic (PV) solar  to generate electricity for commercial and manufacturing facilities. For multi-family dwellings we utilize solar PV, solar thermal, LED lighting, high efficiency boilers, and/or boiler controls.


For each solution, we search for available Federal and State Incentives. We are qualified vendors and have gained cash rebates for customers from the State’s Self Generation Incentive Program (SGIP) ,  LA County’s SoCalRen Program and the Solar Thermal program run by the state of California .


Using your facility’s customized energy use profile, and the tools in our toolbox, we estimate the  economics that your facility will experience from implementing one or more of our suggestions.  In short, you will enjoy  less expensive, more dependable energy allowing your company greater economic stability.


We are a Veteran Owned Business and are licensed, Engineering Contractors (California License 603892).  Additionally , the company owner is a Certified Energy Manager and holds a Masters Degree in Economics.