"Electro-Thermal projected that by installing a 118 KW natural gas engine we would save enough money on our existing energy bills to pay for the system in approximately 24 months. The actual payback period was less than 18 months."

— President California Sports Incorporated (Los Angeles Forum)

"Overall, we are very satisfied with our cogeneration project, and we feel that our satisfaction with it was due largely to Electro-Thermal's services"

— Vice President, Valley Plating Corporation

"Electro Thermal,and its president Richard Scherer have done extensive work for us over the last five years. Originally Electro Thermal was recommended by Capstone Turbine.
We tapped Richard and Electro Thermal to be the responsible party for development engineering and project management of our Salton Sea Solar Energy project. Richard and his team preformed in an exemplary manner and I would not hesitate to recommend Electro Thermal for any engineering or management task or project."

— Founder, Regency Homes

"Richard always provided quality work in a professional manner, I would be pleased to work with him again."

— Co-founder, Quest Resources

"Hillcrest Beverly Oil Corporation(HBOC) hired Richard Scherer(Electro Thermal Equipment Corp.) to help us develop power generation at our Rancho Park drill site and gas processing facility as well as some of our other drill sites. During my relationship with Richard Scherer he has always demonstrated integrity and represented our interest vigorously."

— President, Hillcrest Beverly Oil Corporation

"Our last bill at Barrington was $86 vs $280 for the same period last year. So thank you and good job."

— Owner, Large Apartment House, West Los Angeles