Energy Management

Energy Management is simply your being able to look at your building as a “whole”, and then with good planning and cost-effective technology, save energy without impacting your daily operations.

The first step is understanding the relationship between your building, your climate, the way you operate and how much and when your building uses energy. We bring you this understanding by simulating your building in your clime using EQUEST – Department of Energy Software.

The first step in using EQUEST is to tell EQUEST your building’s shape (as other building characteristics called the “Building Envelope”, such as window type, insulation), climate, and compass orientation. EQUEST then knows how the sun will fall on your building during the seasons of the year and calculates seasonal heat gains and air conditioning, heating, and electrical loads.

We simulate applying different technologies (variable frequency drives, efficient lighting, high efficiency chillers, boilers with economizers, etc). With this information, we can tell you what will and what will not work. We tell you what rebates might be available if you implement a specific technology and then present you with a complete economic picture. Then, knowing the options, you tell us which technology makes sense and we get you your rebates, your tax advantages, your building permits, and then we implement the systems that you want