Solar Hot Water Heating for California Apartments and Industrial Facilities

Solar Thermal: Solar thermal systems utilize solar collectors to heat hot water that is stored in an insulated solar storage tank. When the building or facility requires hot water, and the hot water tap is opened, the solar heated hot water displaces some or all of the hot water that otherwise would have been heated by natural gas. We use solar collectors that are pre-approved by the California Solar Initiative program (

By using the results of test taken during the solar collector certification process, other system characteristics such as the amount of solar storage, the characteristics of your building’s hot water requirements (gallons per day and the required temperature), the local climate data together with recognized software, we can estimate how much gas you can hope to save by letting us install your solar system.

When one installs a solar thermal system one is entitled to both rebates and tax credits. We not only permit, supply, and install your system, but we apply for and get the Utility to confirm to you their rebate commitment. These rebates and incentives pay for most of the system.