Cogeneration (CHP) Case Studies

Location: Bell Gardens, California

Description: High Tech Metal Plating Facility

Enclosed in a hospital grade, sound attenuation enclosure is a refurbished G398, 350 kW Caterpillar. This system is classified as a cogeneration system because the waste heat from the block and exhaust are recovered to heat the facility's plating tanks as the natural gas powered generator set generates power for the plant. The waste heat is used to heat the facility's metal plating tanks. A top the enclosure, the remote load balance radiators and the catalytic converter are clearly visible. The radiators liquidate excess heat when there is no requirement for heating the plating tanks. On the left, within the fence, one can see the paralleling switch gear. This cogeneration system provides power and process heat to a high tech , precious metals platter of aircraft and electronic parts.

Inside the enclosure is a 500 horsepower , refurbished Caterpillar G398 engine. The drive shaft of the engine turns a 350 kW Kato Generator which generates the facility power at 480 Volts. The genset runs at 1200 rpm continuously. It is operated five days per week, twenty-four hours per day.

Location: Los Angeles

Description: Valley Plating Cogeneration

A refurbished, 350 kW G398 Caterpillar Genset furnishes the electricity to the plating facility. The power is "paralleled" to Los Angeles Department of Water and Power. The recovered heat keeps the plating tanks how and the back-up boiler virtually off. The paralleling switch gear is under the platform. This is an induction type generator and does not have "black start" capability. An induction generator relies on the Utility for "excitement" , a synchronous generator creates its own "excitement".

Location: San Leandro

Description: Ghirardelli Chocolate 1200KW Cummins Cogeneration System

Location: El Monte

Description: Food Processing Facility Cogeneration, Capstone mico-turbines